43. Painted Button Heart Canvas

buttonheart collage

My Valentine crafting obsession continues! This project began with some bulk buttons glued onto a canvas with Aileen’s clear craft glue. I let it dry overnight. Then I gessoed everything and painted it pale pink after the gesso dried. I decided to spray a few coats of both brown and red walnut ink onto it, wiping off some of the excess but letting the ink seep into the little crevices around the buttons. I painted the edge of the canvas light brown.  I may work on it a bit more; I’m not completely happy with it just quite yet!

42. Paint Hearts

IMG_4573 IMG_4571 IMG_4569

The popular little toilet paper heart stamps that are all over the web were too cute to resist. But I have learned that my son is still more interested in exploring the process of art than he is in making a finished product. He made a few energetic attempts with the paper rolls and then moved onto the cookie cutters for more energetic stamping. But what he really wanted to was use the paintbrush! After he painted on the cards for his grandparents, I added a few stamped hearts as a finishing touch.

39. Love Canvas


It’s been delightful to use up the inexpensive bulk canvases that were stashed in my closet. This LOVE canvas is 12×12 inches, with yet another decoupaged group of encyclopedia pages on it and the edges painted red. I added little loops along the edge of the text to create a cute border. Then I centered and glued the chipboard letters that were painted red to match. Many of the canvases are headed out the door to loved ones around the country, although I think this one may stay with me!  Until we visited an art museum in Maine several years ago and saw his work, I didn’t know that this arrangement of the word LOVE originated with the artist Robert Indiana.

37. Fox Applique Tees


I’ve been making a lot of tie applique tees lately for the little guys in my life, but this fox fabric was so cute that rectangles seemed to be better suited to show off each character. They’re Valentine gifts for my boy and three special cousins, easily made with Wunderunder.

35. Love Bird Valentine Craft


Valentine crafting fever continues at my house. I found these lovely little birds at Hobby Lobby in the wood crafting aisle. These canvas projects are so easy and quick, and so satisfying. This is another 6×6 canvas, modpodged with an encyclopedia page, edges painted brown, with a quick coat of red glitter paint over the top.  There’s a strip of ribbon around the canvas, and the rest is self-evident, I think.