93. Progress Remembered

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Earlier this summer I was a little saddened to see my son’s reaction to being in the unfamiliar forest (see this) – my beloved forest! He hated it. He cried to go back. Meanwhile, his local cousins happily romped through the ferns and pine needles. Oh, my beautiful, beloved, wonderful Black Hills forest that I’d explored since my earliest days! But during our three weeks there, he began to reach out more, to touch things, to not feel so out of place. This cheered me. One day we followed a path in town lined with purple dame’s rocket and other wild flowers (and invasive weeds, if we’re being honest), and he reached out to touch things and notice them. I was so proud of him, so very happy to see him becoming acclimated to a place (the Black Hills) where being outdoors is basically a part of everyday life. We have the misfortune to not be able to live there currently, but my hope is to claw more and more time each year out for us to spend there, in the place that I love and consider home, and that hopefully he will come to love as well. Baby steps. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
Even now, only November, I’m counting the weeks until we can return in early summer.


92. You Are Loved – giveaway & free download

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To celebrate my post at the Mops Hello, Darling blog today (An Introvert’s Guide to Hosting), I’m sharing a free download of one of my favorite personal heart photos, hopefully a small bit of encouragement for you or a friend when you need it. Just click here to request it and I will email it to you! I’m also holding a giveaway for one of my alphabet posters and some other surprise goodies from my etsy shop – just leave a comment below to be entered! Comments open until midnight Pacific time on November 20. If you’re here from Mops, welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by.
I’m also excited to share that I am re-opening my etsy shop – ALL profits will be donated to charity. I am especially fond of World Vision’s Child Friendly Spaces program, which offers comfort for kids in disaster areas and refugee camps. As you can tell from my blog, I love to do fun, hands-on thing with my son, and I yearn to provide a small way to help children in difficult situations find a bit of a respite from the stresses of their life (hence the Child Friendly Spaces program.) You’ll find images of hearts, a darling alphabet poster, cupcakes, flowers, and more. I am also passionate about feeding the hungry, so I support my local food banks as well as international charities.
Again, thank you! And remember, you are loved.