Welcome and Hello!

Thank you so much for stopping by Behind the Olive Tree!

Motherhood has been such a creative journey that I wanted to create a place to share images of my child’s artwork, as well as images of my own work at times.  I’m not trying to offer tutorials or instructions, just a dose of inspiration (and many of the projects are self-explanatory.) And yes, we do most of our creating in our home that stands behind an olive tree.

I’m also passionate about getting children out into nature, and so I will also blog about those topics from time to time.  We also end up traveling a fair bit to visit relatives far away or to explore the many lovely bits of California nearby, so if I find something kid worthy to share, especially art- or nature-related, that may show up as well.

I hope that these photos inspire you to bring more art and creativity into your life as well, whether or not you are a parent!

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