106. Lenten and Holy Week Nature Table

This was our first real attempt at having a seasonal nature table on display. While he didn’t work with the table terribly often, my son did enjoy it when he did, and we had some thoughtful conversations about Holy Week and Pascha while he worked with the material. I enjoyed having it in the house. The stone path idea was inspired by this Advent calendar. The Pascha items were inspired by these wonderful Holy Week lessons. The wooden cross is apparently a traditional Romanian style, given to me by a friend. I found the tree/cave on etsy, and I loved using the air plants as vegetation!
lenten nature table 2

nature table lent1

nature table lent

105. Holy Week Activities

Sometimes I’m thankful for photographs because they help me remember just how much we occasionally fit into a week – such as Orthodox Holy Week!   We found some wonderful egg experiments on TinkerLab, including the Naked Egg and Egg Geodes that seemed very appropriate for the week.

We also experimented with oil before unction on Wednesday, and helped dye the red eggs at church on Thursday.

On Friday we helped with the flowers for the epitaphios.  I brought a cardboard box full of holes and silk flowers for the children to work with while the mothers were busy, inspired by this.  Next year I hope to add cardboard tube legs and a cross on top.

At home we dyed eggs, coloring them with crayons and sprinkling them with salt.  We also painted large foam craft eggs red.  Foam eggs are something I would definitely *only* buy on clearance!  A friend also shared the idea of painting wooden eggs with chalkboard paint.

Naked Eggs

Egg Geodes



We also did the super easy Homemade Lava Lamps on Wednesday afternoon.  Experimenting with oil seemed such a lovely thing to do before receiving unction that evening.


The light in our church is so beautiful in the early evening!


Dyeing eggs at church


Cardboard epitaphios, created as I was walking out the door – improvements planned for next year.


I like to do the candlestands and window sills on Holy Friday!


Projects at home

holyweekprojects6 holyweekprojects7 holyweekprojects8

A spot for our giant red eggs, which will hopefully be painted with various designs next year.  Free egg print  below generously shared by this talented blogger!




And, of course, an egg hunt in the backyard on Pascha morning, before the church picnic. A sweet conclusion to a blessed, full week.  Christ is Risen!