97. Beehive!

IMG_9972v2 Bee eggs, larvae, pupae, worker bees, drone bees, and the huge queen bee!IMG_9980v2

IMG_9985v2 IMG_9989v2
My son’s fascination with bees beegan this spring and summer when we often saw them buzzing around our flowers in the backyard. We’ve been reading The Saint and his Bees and The Beeman recently.  One of the few good things about me being sick the last week has been having more time to stay home and putter in my pajamas with my son.  Using a small cardboard box, I filled it with the toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving (knowing I would eventually find a good use for them!)  We glued the rolls together side by side to create our hive and honeycomb.  Then we used craft sticks (the egg shaped ones were from Easter clearance), pipe cleaners, beads, and more to create bees in various stages of the lifecycle.  He especially loved making that queen bee! I lost track of how many pipe cleaners and beads were wrapped around her.  The craft sticks are the perfect length to pop into the honeycomb and easily take out again. We used yellow glitter gold for a bit of honey and gold wrappers from St. Nicholas Day coins as more honey. I also found bee lifecycle charts and 3-part cards at Trillium Montessori.  Now we’ve been talking about how beeswax is used to make the candles at church and I’m dreaming of a candle making session…


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