96. St. Seraphim of Sarov Snowglobe Ornament

IMG_9823 IMG_9825 IMG_9827 IMG_9851
After making the little snowy tree mason jar doodads that are everywhere, I decided to make something similar using the plastic ornaments that are available at Michael’s. They pop open for a person to put all kinds of fun things inside of them and will be safer to mail across the country than glass jars! I started with forest scenes for my Black Hills family, and pine trees with a small bird perched inside of them in memory of my mom who passed this summer, and the natural progression from that was to do a little scene from the life of St. Seraphim of Sarov, of course.  I used floral moss to create a base, glued in the little trees (also in the ornaments section at Michaels and JoAnns), created an icon stand from red cardstock and images taken from an old catalog, and added a small toy bear, as well as fake snow.  I carefully glued the items into each half (with small dabs of hot glue) before putting the halves together and adding ribbon and birch bark stars.  Taking a photo of the reflective round surface proved to be the biggest challenge.  I hope to do another one of the life of St. Herman of Alaska and perhaps a few others. Now if only I could acquire his spirit of peace…so much more difficult than whipping up crafts with my glue gun!


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