84. DIY Montessori Alphabet Box

IMG_1968 IMG_1973 IMG_1975
I’d been thinking about putting together a Montessori alphabet box for several months, but when I saw these Advent calendar boxes at Hobby Lobby (always 40% off Christmas supplies), I finally made one. There are only 25 drawers, so I combined “W” and “X” given that “X” has so few words. We had many small toy animals around the house, and once I started looking around my craft room, I noticed lots of small items that worked well for the small drawers. I also found small items at the dollar store, in used board games at garage sales, miniature doll house supplies at Hobby Lobby, wood craft parts online, and from this etsy shop. The possibilities for language learning with this tool are endless. My son loves the “alphabet game.” Right now we’re in the beginning stages, just taking the contents of one letter drawer out at a time and sounding them out. As he grows, we will add sandpaper alphabet flash cards and then word cards to match the items. I’m enjoying it as much as he is!
Other great links and educational ideas for these boxes:


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