81. Handmade Montessori

IMG_1397 IMG_1400 IMG_1685
In the beginning of the year I started training for a Montessori-based pre-k Orthodox Christian catechism program. It has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much about how children develop, about our theology, and about early childhood education. I originally took the program to use only at home with my son, but it was so fantastic that we are in the process of beginning the program at our church. It’s inspired me to begin learning about broader Montessori learning as well, and I’ve made a few small sets of material – color matching sets (wooden supplies purchased here and painted with acrylic craft paints), bean counting (modified from this – I wrote numbers on the beans to help my son match them to the correct pot), and a ‘sandpaper’ globe. I purchased the globe at Home Goods and then painted the continents with a clean sand+paint mixture, and painted the water a uniform blue.  My son is intrigued by these items as well as the other classroom items that are gathering up in our home, and I am eager to share them with his friends at church as well as to keep learning more on my own Montessori journey.


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