63. Rain Clouds

IMG_8904 IMG_8925 IMG_8913 IMG_8911
A rainy day kept us in the house, so we had the perfect excuse to make the rain clouds from this site.  Shaving cream has always been a favorite for sensory play and art for us.  This activity kept a two-, three-, four-, and five-year-old occupied for at least an hour as they dropped colored water onto shaving cream clouds and watched the rain fall below.  It was lovely to see how excited they were about their rain storms (and tornados) and clouds growing darker.  They turned the surface peaks of the shaving cream into volcanoes with red and green lava.  The project didn’t work out quite the same for the two seven-year-old boys, as they quickly moved from the original goal to typical little boy jokes involving yellow food coloring…

62. Papa’s Volcanoes

A ‘welcome back to South Dakota’ surprise from Papa, who obviously had a lot of fun putting the volcanoes together. He used salt dough to form mountains around plastic bottles and spray painted everything black once it was dry. Orange sugar sprinkles added a volcano glow effect. Papa used the classic vinegar and baking soda mixture to create lava, adding red food coloring. If you have sparklers on hand, I suppose you could add them like Papa did. The children were kept within a safe distance of the fireworks and explosions!

61. Marshmallow Painting


As often as not, various foods are used as art supplies at our house. I saw the idea of marshmallow painting somewhere online and thought my son would love it. He was much more curious about the plastic fork/toothpicks we used to spear the marshmallows, however.  (He held the little boxes while we grocery shopped and shook them like maracas.) And very excited, as usual, about mixing paint colors.  And about rubbing paint on his hands to make handprints.  I love to see his responses to things, even if they aren’t what I think they will be!