60. Wood Egg Dyeing



Pascha (Orthodox Easter) is coming up soon (the same day as Western Easter this year) and I’m so excited to prepare with my son now that he’s a bit older. Last week we dyed wooden eggs just as you would a hard boiled egg (food coloring with vinegar and hot water). We’re not big egg fans around here, so wooden worked better for us! He also painted some with glitter tempera paint. They will last for ages and can also be used in his play kitchen. I used this recipe (with jojoba oil from Trader Joe’s instead of olive oil) to add shine and condition the eggs after they dried. I’ve been experimenting with more items as well.

58. Glitter Slime




We’ve finally made the glitter slime that is everywhere in blogland lately. My son loves it, but again, it’s more about the process of mixing than the final product. Ours seems to set up best if put into a baggie and left alone for a day after mixing. It does have an interesting texture and is fascinating to watch as it slowly moves and settles. It is difficult to remove from pavement, however!

57. Shaving Cream Marbled Papers & Play

IMG_6753 IMG_6755 IMG_6762
I was very eager to try the marbling, but my son was eager to mix the lines of tempera paint into the shaving cream! We recently found this idea in a magazine or blog. In a tray, spread a layer of shaving cream. Drizzle with lines of tempera paint and use a toothpick, etc., to pull lines through the paint. Place a piece of paper on top and gently pat onto the surface. Remove and squeegee off the shaving cream, and you’ll have a lovely piece of marbling! If, that is, you can keep your children from using their hands to mix the paint and shaving cream together.