56. Sand Work

IMG_6692 IMG_6694
Spring is quickly turning into summer here in the desert, and that means the return of sand play in the backyard.  My son very happily digs, pours, mixes, and covers himself with sand for long stretches throughout the day. I can see him from the kitchen window while I work on my own projects.  An empty clay pot is used for mixing mud pies as well as creating volcanoes.  An unused Frisbee holds the mud pies.  Our yard already had a large, shady play area when we moved in, and so far, the sand holds more draw than the swing set or the play house.  I am so happy to see him playing outside and getting grubby (clothes come off and pockets shaken empty before he comes back into the house, though!)  Life has changed too much since I was a child for him to enjoy the freedom to roam the neighborhood (and even the forest) like I did when I was young, but he can roam, dig, and pretend play in the big, fenced backyard as much as he wants.  Oh, and it looks like Sefton the Chorkie pup (dog #3) will enjoy digging in the sand as much as he does!


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