50. Resurrection Garden

Inspired by this. We used cat grass, but I think we will add regular grass seed for a fuller coverage. My son uses a spray bottle to water it everyday, as pouring water over it would wash it off the top of the little pot. Pascha (Easter) is far enough away that we still have time to experiment!

48. Cardboard Space Shuttle

IMG_5357 IMG_5355 IMG_5348
I’ve been saving this large box for a sunny spring day, even rescuing it from the recycle bin when someone stealthily tried to dispose of it. My son’s eyes literally lit up when I asked him if he wanted to paint it. He worked industriously on painting his space craft, painting the inside of the box shortly into the process – something which, I must admit, didn’t even occur to me. I love the surprises that come from working with children and giving them free reign over a process. It was also a nice change from all the indoor watercoloring that we’ve been doing lately.  His focus and process have changed so much since last summer; it’s fascinating to witness.

45. Ribbon Headbands

I feel like one of Elizabeth Bennet’s sisters, getting so excited over new hair ribbons!  Or maybe I’m just envious of all the cute hair ties little girls these days get to wear. But it’s so nice to be able to make my own super easy headbands, as my noggin is just too big for store-bought ones. I found these lovely elastic ribbons on etsy for only 30 – 80 cents a yard. Smaller hair ties like these can go for $3 for just one! Fabric stores often carry elastic ribbon, but they don’t always have a great variety.  I used an overhand knot (like tying a balloon) after I measured the right length for my noggin.  My young nephew even got in on them, requesting some ninja headbands!

44. Eyes for You

He was up at 5:30 a.m. and by 6:00 a.m. he had spotted the new bottles of glitter glue on the counter. (Does anyone else’s young preschooler only need 9 – 10 hours of sleep a day?) I asked him what he wanted to glue and he said “Eyes,” so that’s what we did! He hesitated before sticking the eyes onto the noses and beards that he’d made with the glue, but I think the fun of the eyes won over. I suspect his cousins will like these silly Valentines.