40. Minnesota Children’s Museum Creativity Jam


Oh, my. What a beautiful, amazing surprise to visit the Minnesota Children’s Museum in St. Paul for the first time this weekend and walk into the huge art room they’ve provided for visitors. Enormous collaborative mobiles of recycled materials hung from the high ceilings, several collaborative weavings were in progress, and tables and shelves were well stocked with a variety of supplies for creating. An old piano had been painted on by many children, for a striking result. My son and his cousin crawled in and out of the yarn and wire wickiup (sweat lodge) and rested underneath it. His cousin stuffed tissue paper into the peg board flower garden and he did some ‘scissoring’ of colored wood shavings.  His older cousin sat at the self-serve face paint table to give himself a zombie face.  It was a perfect, perfect place for children to create and explore.  I was very impressed and so happy to see so much thought given to children’s art.  I can imagine how important this public space is in light of the arts budgets being slashed at so many schools.  The entire museum was wonderful, but the art room was my favorite.


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