26. Jesse Tree

IMG_2644 IMG_2669

We are a bit late starting on our Jesse Tree ornaments, given that the Orthodox Advent season officially begins today, but it’s good to at least make a start. The children worked on ‘magic scratch’ wise men while a few moms painted and sprinkled glitter.  I love that wise man on a camel, so perfectly symbolic of our journey toward the Nativity!

I am using these readings as the basis of my ornament list (which includes 52 ornaments, 40 for the Advent period and 12 for the Nativity season.)  There are some very lovely, very uniform examples of Jesse Tree ornaments online, but for now I wanted to do something colorful that might appeal more to young children.  If I ever have a chance, perhaps sometime I will revisit the ornaments with a different approach.

25. Shrinky Dink Ornaments

IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2570

We’re slowly working on this idea that I saw posted somewhere online – Shrinky Dink Christmas ornaments. It’s the only time that I let my son work with Sharpies, so it’s kind of special to him. Hopefully this weekend I will break out the toaster oven on the patio (to avoid plastic fumes in the house) and see how they turn out!

24. Rubber Stamps

IMG_2495 IMG_2503

This morning I heard my son singing twinkle, twinkle while I was cleaning up after breakfast. I walked by and saw that he had arranged his stamps into a row – “My piano!” – he said, with his fingers resting on the stamps. It was one of those lovely moments of early childhood when a little one’s imagination and creativity are so vividly displayed. Just a minute before, he’d been coloring the stamps with markers before pressing them into his notebook.