23. Rocket Man

IMG_2356v2 IMG_2361 IMG_2368 IMG_2369

I love pumpkins and fall leaves and cute little children dressed in adorable outfits. I’m not really a fan of Halloween itself, but with a boy obsessed with rocketships, I couldn’t resist making a little astronaut costume. The 2-liter jetpack was inspired by pinterest. I modified it by taping off the middles when I spray painted them so they would remain clear. I added thin red Christmas garland inside the bottles to look like fire before hot-gluing the felt flames on the bottom. The spray paint looks nice, but it emits a lot of fumes even days after being sprayed, so I may try this again using an acrylic liquid paint or foil instead. I hot glued nylon straps to the cardboard backing of the jet pack and put glittery star stickers on the bottles as well. We bought iron-on patches and added them to an oversized white shirt and ball cap (haven’t had time to attempt a paper mache helmet yet!)  If I could find white sweat pants, they would complete the outfit. He is a happy little space traveler!


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