10. Egg (Yolk) Painting




Before motherhood, I began to study the ancient art of Byzantine iconography. We mixed our own egg tempera paints from egg yolks, water, and ground mineral pigments. So I was excited to try this idea – painting with egg yolk and food coloring – when I stumbled across it in Preschool Art by MaryAnn Kohl. However, my son was mainly interested in cracking the eggs and said he ‘didn’t like this paint’!  It would have been less slimy and the food coloring would’ve mixed in more smoothly without the egg white in it, of course. Some of it dribbled on the patio and was also very slippery, so he fell and skinned his knee. Not one of our more successful toddler art activities. The dogs, however, were quite enthusiastic. Perhaps we will try again when he’s a bit older.



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